My Code For Success

Among the cherished memories of my childhood were the visits to my maternal grandmother’s house

The Sunday dinners with family, the the incredible rhubarb custard pies, her advice.

And of course looking at the “Code for Success” plaque prominently displayed in her living room.

The Code –

1. Find your particular talent

2. Be big

3. Be honest.

4. Live with enthusiasm.

5. Don’t let your possessions possess you

6. Don’t worry about your problems.

7. Look up to people when you can – down to no one.

8. Don’t cling to the past.

9. Assume your full share of responsibility on the world.

10. Pray consistently and confidently.

My grandmother was a simple woman – full of faith, the rock of our family. And a woman I believe truly lived by the code above.

I’ve tried to honor her by adhering to this simple code.

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