What Will You Find Here?    Why You Should Read/What To Expect

What should you expect? How the heck do I know? I really don’t know! I’m just winging it (at least initially) and to a certain point, I’m hoping this sort of takes on a life of its own.

It’s my intention to share my personal thoughts on everything and nothing – thoughts on a variety of topics. However, as I’ve been organizing my notes for my books and putting together content, certain themes seem to have “bubbled up” through my words – expect commentary and thoughts on: Thoughts on everything from Inspiration, Men’s Healthy Lifestyle, Personal Growth/Personal Development, Self-Improvement Life Lessons

Or me, the strangest thing can trigger my thoughts – a song on the radio, a comment from a passerby, a news or magazine article, an everyday occurrence – and inspire me to pick up my pen and start writing:

  • I could wake up one day and a news story may trigger the urge to rant and rave and provide my perspective on a social issue. And there certainly are plenty of those to go around these days: race relations, domestic violence, global warming, gay rights, gun control, another terrorist attacks or another senseless murder on the streets of an American city.
  • I might break into hysterical laughter someday watching the latest shenanigans on Capitol Hill and be inspired to write a political post. Pull out of the Paris Accord? What are you thinking? Limit H-1B Visas? What took so long? Of course, any political piece has to be comical because you have to admit: if it wasn’t so damn important some of this US political stuff would be absolutely Hillary-ous!!.
  • I could be in a reflective mood one winter evening as I enjoy a toddy in front of the fire and write a sentimental piece as I share some life lessons. Perhaps something along the lines of “Things I Wish my Father Had Taught Me” or “Simple Wisdom I Would Share with my Children”.
  • I may be enjoying my travels to Colombia, Japan, or India and share my thought on the amazing people and diverse culture that I discover. Care to hear my thoughts after a transformational trip to Machu Picchu? Or the awe I felt watching a volcano erupt in Costa Rica?
  • Maybe I’ll feel at peace after one of my participating in one of my stress-relieving activities and share my thoughts on the therapeutic benefits of a brisk walk, yoga, martial arts or massage.

Hell…I never know what crazy idea or thought will pop into my head. But I can guarantee you that whatever I write will be thought-provoking content. Whatever I choose to share will be something of substance because, quite frankly, I honestly don’t care “wassup”.

In fact, I think it would be another of the many blessings in my life if someone somewhere read something on this simple blog and it simply made them smile, helped them through a difficult time, or even better yet, inspired them to greatness.