Why Am I Doing This?

Why am I writing a personal development blog now? Because this has to be cheaper than therapy!

And although I say that in jest, it is true. I’ve always found writing to be therapeutic – a healthy outlet for my overactive imagination and a brain that I am often unable to “shut off”.  I’ve kept journals for years and have recently decided it’s time to share some of these thoughts – either in this blog or one of my published works. Much of the material I’ll share here I collected before I started thinking about making this website – a collection of things I discovered while in the course of my own personal development. (A journey which continues).

I decided it was now time to share some of the personal thoughts and other writing I’ve captured in journals over the last several years – started collecting my journal notes into a book – I’m Working on a book or two – but in the meantime, I wanted to share something NOW –

But recently, fate seems to have stepped in…

So earlier his year, my usually reliable 1999 Dodge Ram decided she needed some attention and TLC and I found myself reduced to public transportation in Charlotte. As I’m enjoying my commute and observing my fellow commuters, I notice that 72.3% of them have their noses buried in their mobile device.  (And yes, I did do the math).  And that’s when it hits me – I have a captive audience – I need to write and capture the attention of these minions with short attention spans!

Its funny how my opinion a