Since you asked…






Should I send you unsolicited advice?

Not only “No. But hell no!”

Just kidding! – I’m a firm believer in an open forum so I encourage your advice, comments, whatever …


Why did you decide to call your blog “Robust Coffee and Conversation”? 

 I actually struggled with an appropriate name for this blog.

Since it’s my intention to provide straightforward, rather blunt conversation, my first choice was “blunt.com”.  Unfortunately, that URL was not available – probably reserved by an intelligent entrepreneur in 420-friendly Colorado I imagine.

After considering and deciding against “Balanced Living Journal.com” and “Conversations for Another Time”, I sat and pondered suitable alternatives. As I thought about the somewhat unconventional path I’ve taken through life, it occurred to me – two of the simplest pleasures I have always enjoyed are a robust cup of coffee and a great, thought-provoking conversation:

  • The early morning conversations with my late father on a fishing trip on Lake Erie. And the words of advice, encouragement and guidance he communicated.
  • The heart-felt chats with a member of my somewhat dysfunctional family. And the supportive, comforting, and strengthening words that they often shared.
  • The private dialogues with an extraordinary lady in Latin America who owns my heart. Exchanging words that inspire me to dream and achieve and that build trust and understanding.
  • Talks with friends or co-workers sharing insights, knowledge, or simply brightening another’s day.

And thus, “Robust Coffee and Conversations” was born.


When did you start this website?

This website began on February 3, 2017 while I was visiting Costa Rica for a medical procedure. In my first post, I shared my musings about how ridiculously expensive healthcare in America had become and how that has led to a booming international healthcare industry. (Although I still think the American healthcare system is both a joke and a nightmare, I have since unpublished this post)


Why can’t I see any posts from those first few months?

Because I was very naive and stupid when I first started this website, wrote some things I probably should not…

I was basically coming out of a “dark period” – medical issues that seemed overwhelming, unhappiness in a career that I was no longer passionate about, a relationship with a very special lady that did not turn out as I had hoped – and all this was reflected in my writings. So I allowed myself a “do over”, took everything down, had a little meeting with myself about boundaries, and started over.


Who hosts your website?

A company called SiteGround hosts this site and the site for my IT consulting business, TNA Consulting Group. I’ve just embarked on this adventure, but so far have been incredibly happy with their service. They have pretty reasonable hosting packages, and have been very responsive when addressing my technical issues and various needs. Thanks for being so understanding and helpful!