Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips


We assume you have landed here because you are experiencing difficulty with the site. We created this page to help you rule out things on your end while we check on things on our end. These tips should work for any browser on any platform e.g., Android, iOS, Mac, or PC.

Here are some common fixes:

  1.  Empty your browser cache. If you spend a lot of time on any website, the browser will cache files based on how much time you spend. Sometimes this cache can cause problems with pulling the correct data from the server.
  2.  Some browsers can be very tenacious and another quick remedy is to visit the page giving you grief and hold down the “Shift” key. While keeping this key pressed, click the “Refresh” button in your browser. You may have to do this a few times before the page displays correctly.
  3.  Sometimes our connection to the internet gets slower than normal. Sometimes this is a case of an ISP issue (your internet access provider or ISP) and sometimes this is a problem with servers on our end. Rest assured that if our servers get slow, we are on it. Unfortunately we can’t yell at your ISP for you.
  4.  If none of these above things help or are causing the problem you are experiencing, you should log out of the site by clicking a “Log out” link. Give your computer some time, 15 minutes or so, and then log back in.
  5.  If none of the above help, there’s the nuclear option: Log out of the site, reboot your computer/device and try again.
  6.  If these fail, please contact, via messages, a site moderator (@Pandora Box). We’ll see what we can do to help. Bear in mind that our default responses are what we’ve shared above. We love helping you, but know that if you haven’t tried the above, that’s the first line of support and issue resolution.
  7.  Recently, site members have had issues copying and pasting text into the answer/discussion box. The text will copy/paste just fine, but when you click the “Submit” button, the content does not get submitted and returns an error. This error is reproducible and is due to janky hidden characters in the block of text being copied. If you need to use a text editor to compose your answers and group discussion comments, use something that will save out as Plain Text. On a PC that would be an app called NotePad. On a Mac, that would be an app called TextEdit.

We hope this helps any technical site enjoyment issues you may be experiencing.  Thanks for being a great part of this community!